Pauly the Pig

Free-to-Play indie game that has been published on Play a pig with extraordinary powers escaping from an angry pursuing pack through vast procedurally generated worlds.
Language: C++
Technology: Unreal Engine 4
Includes: Video, Executable, page

Tiled Forward Rendering

This demo demonstrates my implementation of a Tiled Forward Rendering Pipeline and shows how many lights can be displayed while still maintaining a high framerate. All this is done by dividing the screen into tiles and associating each tile with the relevant light sources.

Language: C++, HLSL
Technology: Direct3D 11
Includes: Executable, Shader Source Code

Deferred Shading

This demo shows a deferred rendering system in action. It uses a compact G-Buffer format and is capable of rendering many dynamic point lights in a deferred shading system. The demo also comes with full C++ and HLSL source code.

Language: C++, HLSL
Technology: Direct3D 11
Includes: Executable, Full Source Code

Punzel: Slack & Sleigh

A university game project where the player tries to catch an escaping princess by controlling two goblins pulling a sleigh.

Language: Java, GLSL
Technology: JMonkeyEngine
Includes: Executable