Deferred Shading Demo

Creation Date: 2016
Programming Language: C++
Technology: Direct3D 11

This demo was created for a university project and shows a simple deferred renderer in action. The rendering system is capable of displaying many dynamic point lights and uses a slightly optimized rendering approach.

The G-Buffer has been optimized and compresses three dimensional normals into two component which allows more room for other possible entries inside the buffer. The depth buffer doesn’t get explicitly saved inside the G-Buffer, but instead the hardware depth buffer gets used. This is the G-Buffer layout:

Here is a comparison between the diffuse lighting part and the final composition:


  • DirectX 11 capable GPU
  • Visual Studio 2017 C++ Runtime (x64)
  • Windows 8/8.1/10

>> Download Executable (x64) <<

>> Download Full Source Code <<